“Going green” has become a popular phrase over the past few years and with good reason—people are recognizing their footprint on the earth and are feeling a desire to better care for the planet for now and for the generations to come. There are many ways that a homeowner can make areas or systems in their home more environmentally friendly. Here are three things you can do with regards to your plumbing to help out the environment (and, likely, save you money in the long run, too):

1. Replace old shower heads.  Did you know that by replacing older shower heads you can save up to 7.5 gallons of water per minute? You can save all that water without losing anything in water pressure. Who knew new plumbing could be such a powerful, eco-friendly hero?

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2. Fix leaky faucets. A faucet that leaks at one drip per second can create up to 3000 of gallons of wasted water a year! That is like taking 180 showers and amounts to a lot of wasted water.  Help the environment by taking just the few minutes it would take to fix any leaky faucets in your home. Leaky toilets are another culprit, so get those fixed as soon as you can to conserve water, save on your water bill, and help the environment.

3. Use biodegradable soaps and detergents and avoid harsh chemicals when possible. This helps the bacteria in your septic system and helps with where the water eventually ends up.

These are just three simple things any homeowner can to do help the environment through their plumbing choices. These choices also help you, the homeowner, save money in the long run as well.