A Few Things You Should Know About Backflow Prevention

As a homeowner, you probably know there are certain plumbing items that you’ll always need to keep track of. Clear drains, working toilets, functional appliances – they are all an essential part of your routine. But what about those plumbing items that may not be as obvious, like your septic system? One very important item that should always be a priority at your home is backflow prevention, and that includes keeping your septic system in good shape.

If you have never heard of backflow prevention before, you aren’t alone. However, having a good understanding of its importance now may help you prevent problems in the future. There is a part of your plumbing called the backflow valve that helps to prevent sewage and septic waste from returning to your home in the event of damage or flooding somewhere else down the line. Whether you have a septic backup or your main sewer lines back up, your backflow valve will stop waste from entering your home.

So, what happens when your backflow valve malfunctions? Well, you might have a big problem on your hands. That’s why having your plumber check your backflow valve as part of your annual plumbing checks and routine maintenance is one of the best steps you can take.

At Benjamin Franklin Plumbing in Southern Pines, we know you have a lot of responsibilities as a homeowner. Fortunately, you can rely on us for all your plumbing needs, including backflow prevention checkups and maintenance for your home. If you have questions about this important system or would like us to complete a maintenance check, contact us today to talk with one of our experienced professionals.