How Are Residential and Commercial Plumbing Different?

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If you have ever looked into a plumbing company before, you may have seen that they offer both residential and commercial plumbing. However, you may be left wondering what the difference is between the two. To satisfy your curiosity, we want to provide you with a list of ways that residential and commercial plumbing are different from one another.

How Are Residential and Commercial Plumbing Different?

•  Daily usage- Residential and commercial structures are very different in terms of how many people their plumbing systems must accommodate. In a home, only a few people are using the bathrooms and kitchen, but a commercial structure may need to serve the needs of hundreds every day. Because commercial bathrooms are used so frequently, commercial plumbing needs maintenance more frequently.

•  Complexity- Homes are usually much smaller than businesses, so they have simpler systems. Commercial plumbing is more complex because plumbers are dealing with multiple floors, more pipes, and rows of toilets and sinks. In addition, commercial buildings have other features that assist with water pressure. There needs to be enough pressure to get water to the upper floors, but to make sure everything is still safe, there may be pressure-reducing valves.

•  Size- Commercial structures tend to have larger pipes because they require much more water than a home does.

•  Time of services- Residential plumbing services usually take place during the day, but commercial plumbing often needs to be completed at night when there are no customers or employees around. This way, the business can function normally during the day without any disruptions.