Septic Tank Repair
Finding out that your home’s septic tank has been damaged is enough to make anyone feel anxious. If you are being told you need a new septic tank, you may be wondering why they aren’t entertaining the option for septic tank repair. Some companies avoid repairs for a few reasons, and you should know these if you are considering proceeding with a repair instead of replacement.

1. It depends on what caused the damage. Some common situations include tree root damage growing through the sides of the septic tank, damaged internal parts, damage from ground movement or driving over the tank, or the septic tank popping out of the ground due to hydrostatic pressure.

2. Do you want a long-term solution? In many cases, a septic tank repair is only a short-term solution. If you plan to stay in the home for a long time, replacement is usually the better way to go. Even if you are planning to relocate, you may want to resolve the problem rather than leave a headache for the new owners.

3. Is your septic tank under warranty? In some cases, a warranty can be invalidated if you proceed with septic tank repair. If the problem is caused by a defect, you are better off getting them to resolve the problem by replacing it. If they offer instead to do septic tank repair, make sure they’ll still honor the warranty if the repair fails.

Here at Benjamin Franklin Plumbing in Southern Pines, we have the expertise with septic tank repair to properly advise you on whether it would be better to have your septic tank repaired or replaced. We’ll give you an honest assessment, including the potential for a septic tank repair to solve the problem and make it last a sufficient amount of time. We won’t suggest septic tank repair if it isn’t in your best interests, but we also won’t push you to replace the tank if a repair could extend the life long enough for your purposes. Call today to learn more about how we offer solutions to common plumbing problems.