Signs You Should Consider Toilet Replacement

Toilets can last for a very long time and you may be hesitant to consider updating your toilets. If they are still working, you may think it is unnecessary. But, just like many things improve over time, toilet technology has significantly changed in the last several decades. Toilet replacement can reduce your water usage significantly as well as reduce your utility bills.

Sometimes, your toilets are telling you it is time for toilet replacement whether you realize it or not. Here are some signs that you should seriously consider toilet replacement sooner rather than later:

  • Your toilet has mineral deposits in the bowl that you can’t clean out.
  • Your toilet is scratched or the surface is otherwise damaged, making cleaning more challenging.
  • Your toilet has begun to wobble. This could be an issue with the seal, the screw could need tightening, or the floor could be damaged by a slow leak.
  • If your toilet is quite old, new toilets (especially low-flush or dual-flush versions) can significantly reduce water usage.
  • Your toilet needs multiple repairs or has failed several times recently.
  • Your toilet bowl is cracked. This can’t be fixed and the water that leaks out can damage the floor.
  • Your toilet clogs frequently.

If you notice any of these signs, it may be time to talk to your plumber about toilet replacement. You may be pleasantly surprised at how relatively cheap it is to switch out a toilet. In fact, you may wonder why you waited so long in the first place.