The Way Your Plumber Answers These Questions Matters

The decision to call a plumber could be made possible for any number of reasons. You might have a standard servicing request, or you might have a plumbing emergency that needs attention. Whatever the reason for your call, you likely have some questions for your plumber that deserve great answers.

  1. What Are Your Hours? Knowing whether your preferred plumber can respond in a timely manner is an important part of making them your first phone call. If they can’t take your service request in an appropriate amount of time, you may find yourself searching the local listings for someone new.
  2. Will the Plumber Have Experience? Some companies employ multiple plumbers and knowing whether the person who shows up is experienced can mean a lot – especially in the case of an emergency. It never hurts to ask about the experience of the plumber as you call to schedule services.
  3. Do You Handle All Types of Plumbing? Some companies only handle residential jobs, others commercial, and then some plumbers only handle specific plumbing items under those different umbrellas. It’s important to know that your plumber can handle whatever task you need them to tackle.
  4. What If I Need to Make Another Call? Sometimes a plumbing repair ends up being bigger than was thought, or the repair isn’t successful the first time. Asking your plumber about the next steps if you need to call about a subsequent plumbing problem could help you alleviate stress going forward.

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