PlumbingThe definition of a myth is, “a widely held but false belief or idea.” Some ideas we learn come to us from a young age, and others are passed along by well-meaning people on the internet. It doesn’t matter how many times something is shared – if it isn’t true, it doesn’t become true by sharing. Here are a couple of plumbing myths that you shouldn’t believe.

Myth #1 – Plumbing issues are easy to fix by yourself.

There are a few plumbing things you can do yourself, such as clean out the faucet nozzle if it gets filled with debris or replace a handle that’s held on with just a screw. But if you are feeling at all apprehensive about a plumbing repair or installation, listen to those instincts and call a professional. It will usually save you from having to call them to fix the added problem you’ve inadvertently caused because you lack experience and the proper tools for the task.

Myth #2 – A garbage disposal can handle anything you give it.

There is a big difference between a garbage disposal and a garbage can. Don’t confuse the two, or you’ll end up with a jammed or destroyed disposal, serious clog, or failed septic system. Never put anything non-organic down the disposal and learn what items it doesn’t like and that will cause damage to the rest of the system.

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