Gas Line Leak Detection, Southern Pines, NC

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We offer gas line leak detection to determine whether your property is at risk.

Natural gas is a fuel that many people rely on to heat their homes and run their appliances. It is generally considered to be safe, although prolonged exposure to the fuel can create health and safety issues within your home or business. Improperly installed and poorly maintained gas lines can result in serious safety concerns, which is why it’s important to know the signs of a gas leak. Natural gas is odorless, but the fuel suppliers add a scent to it to alert people of a potential leak. If you catch a whiff of that familiar rotten egg odor, it’s important to take action right away. This scent could indicate a gas line leak that needs to be repaired to ensure the safety of your property. Other signs of gas leaks include a sudden rise in your gas bill or a whistling or hissing noise coming from a gas line.

Gas Line Leak Detection in Southern Pines, North Carolina

Gas leaks are worrisome because they can cause health problems, including dizziness and asphyxiation. The fuel is also flammable, so it can increase the risk of an explosion or fire in your home. In order to protect yourself and your loved ones, contact us at Benjamin Franklin Plumbing in Southern Pines at the first sign of a gas leak. We offer gas line leak detection to determine whether your property is at risk.

Our gas line leak detection service is available to those located in and near Southern Pines, North Carolina. We have trained and experienced technicians who come with the tools and equipment needed to look for signs of a gas leak in your line. If we determine that a leak is present during the gas line leak detection service, we can also perform a repair.

At Benjamin Franklin Plumbing in Southern Pines, we offer gas leak detection services in Aberdeen, Broadway, Cameron, Carthage, Fayetteville, Foxfire, Jackson Springs, Laurinburg, Lemon Springs, Pinebluff, Pinehurst, Raeford, Robbins, Sanford, Seven Lakes, Southern Pines, Spring Lake, Vass, West End, and Whispering Pines, North Carolina.