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We recommend water softener maintenance be done once or twice a year.

There aren’t many things that don’t just benefit from regular maintenance, but require it if you are going to enjoy peak performance and a long life from it. That is definitely the case when it comes to water softeners. At Benjamin Franklin Plumbing in Southern Pines, we offer water softener maintenance on all makes and models of water softener equipment, whether we originally installed the water softener or not.

Water Softener Maintenance in Southern Pines, North Carolina

It is a common misconception that the only water softener maintenance needed is to keep adding salt to the machine. The truth is that your water softener can develop drain line blockage, debris in the control valve, and other problems that can result in the premature failure of your water softener. A salt bridge can also occur, which creates a space between the water and salt so it cannot dissolve. This can happen in periods of high humidity or if you are using the wrong type of salt. Salt mushing is another potential outcome that can be resolved during water softener maintenance.

We recommend calling us for water softener maintenance once or twice a year, depending on your water usage and the type of equipment you have. During our first visit, we can give you a more specific timetable. During water softener maintenance, we will flush the resin beds, regenerate beads that have absorbed all the minerals they can, run a water softener cleaner through the system to flush it, clean the venturi valve, and check the drain lines and other components.

If you have any questions about water softener maintenance or would like to schedule service at your Southern Pines, North Carolina home, don’t hesitate to contact us.

At Benjamin Franklin Plumbing in Southern Pines, we offer water softener maintenance services in Aberdeen, Broadway, Cameron, Carthage, Fayetteville, Foxfire, Jackson Springs, Laurinburg, Lemon Springs, Pinebluff, Pinehurst, Raeford, Robbins, Sanford, Seven Lakes, Southern Pines, Spring Lake, Vass, West End, and Whispering Pines, North Carolina.