Water Heater Maintenance: Here's a Sneak Peek of Our Professional Maintenance Checklist

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A functional water heater is crucial if you enjoy long, hot showers on chilly nights. This is made possible with professional water heater maintenance, which increases the lifespan of your current heater and helps prevent significant repair costs.

Water Heater Maintenance: Here's a Sneak Peek of Our Professional Maintenance Checklist

Here are a few things you can expect us to look at when you schedule water heater maintenance with us:

  • Routine Inspections. Checking your electrical connections and inspecting the different parts of your tank are a few routine water heater maintenance steps we take during an inspection. Our expert team will ensure all the heater elements are in good condition, so you don’t have to struggle to do it yourself.
  • Replacing the Anode Rod. The anode rod is essential to your water heater, since it protects against tank corrosion and rusting. Under normal circumstances, it can last three to five years, after which it needs replacing. If you observe rust-colored water coming from your taps, it’s probably a sign that you should replace the anode rod immediately before it causes irreversible corrosion to your entire tank.
  • Draining and Flushing the Water Heater Tank. It’s also important to regularly flush and drain your water heater tank. This helps prevent the build-up of sediment, thus extending the life of your unit. If you have a hard water supply, we recommend flushing the tank at least once a year to prevent sedimentation issues.

At Benjamin Franklin Plumbing in Southern Pines, we have the expertise and equipment to provide quality water heater maintenance, so you can quickly get back to your routine. We are extremely thorough, giving immediate feedback on the state of your water heater to ease your mind. Contact us today to schedule an appointment.